Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How I First Met Pansy

How I First Met Pansy 03 20 2010

When I first met Pansy she was standing outside on the curb of a Lutheran Church at Henry Clay and Marlborough Dr. I drove past her once and I could not let her go to the dump. There was a residue on her that made me think she was made to stand outside or in a bathroom there for long times and for a long time because of this I stored her in a neglected place and quite frankly often regretted her. But I kept telling myself she has nice petals and a strong halo.

So one day I cleaned her up and gave her a new brake shoe from a 1998 Buick LeSabre. To give her more soul I added a front rotor under that. I also was cordial and gave her a new stem from a fluorescent lamp suffering from a burnt out computer chip.

In addition to that I gussied her up with a new motor of the apropro RPM’s from a discount online surplus house.

Then I put brown paint on her shoes for root polish; some vibrant green for her stem and yellow makeup (Rustoleum Oil Based Paint) for her petals that were to provide me with a gentle breeze.

I mended her together with safety and care and she stand stout. Sometimes when I’m working in my shop and need a breeze I remember my Pansy is always by my side. I flip her new electric ‘infusium’ switch and bring her to life for a freshened breath of air.

My Pansy is always by my side.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy


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