Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden Hose Stand

Garden Hose Stand 05 23 2010

In these pictures you see a stand I made for our garden hose. Let me tell you why this one is better. Like the free spool on your fishing reel the garden hose comes off this stand easy and is easily coiled and replaced. As a matter of fact just grab the end of the hose when you want to wash the car and start walking and the stand tips over and the hose is free.

The base of the stand is made from the brake disc of our 2001 Buick Regal and is heavy thereby providing ballast. There was some blacksmithing involved here, I had to use a metal bender to bend the hook portion to the proportions I desired.

Follow the link to see what a metal bender looks like, you can make letters out of strip steel and heavy duty handles etc, they are fun to use, the one at the link below cost about $100 or so and the skills you are likely to learn you can transform via translation learning to other skills:

The column of the garden hose stand is made from a discarded weight bench part. If you see these on the curb they often make could strong supports or frameworks for projects of this nature. As always the parts are cleaned and given a coat of paint, in this case Rustoleum John Deer red tractor paint.

From my perspective, I could not buy a better hose stand for money. The parts for this one were free except for the strip of iron that was bent. You can get such iron strips at your local hardware store.

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