Monday, May 24, 2010

Portable Outdoor Shower

How I made an Outdoor Shower

The benefits from an outdoor shower are tremendous. In hot climates one might save your life from heat stroke. My model is portable; you can place it anywhere in your yard that you see fit. You can carry one around and water your garden with it, the kids can run under it or you can spray them with it.
Those snobby neighbor ladies who like to have contrived conversations with you will turn into Mrs. Dithers watching you clean up.
Parts I used:
The hard part attaching the hose to the shower. The threading standards are different here. I cut the hose and attached it to a nozzle using a hose clamp. That’s its weak point.
Use a ball valve because it turns on and off smooth and fast without limiting variance of choice in terms of flow. You want a ball valve that is “female threaded” on both ends.
Shower Head a cheap one.
Throw a coat of Rustoleum oil based outdoor paint on it for aesthetics and durability. I used John Deer Green.
The bottom you might want to have internally threaded and fitted with a threaded plug so it fits in your stand better.
Put pipe putty on your threads and turn it all together tight with a vise and/or pipe wrench or two.
Throw a coat of Rustoleum oil based outdoor paint on it for aesthetics and durability. I used John Deer Green. I have put a sample of the parts and tools you need to build one of these in this store below, if you are like me you probably alreay have them.


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