Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Artistically Designed and Portable Outdoor Sink

How I made an Artistically Designed and Portable Outdoor Sink (ADPOS)
The benefits of an outdoor sink for a guy or gal are numerous. You are not clogging your indoors sink with dirt or grease. You do not have to go inside to proper wash your hands. You can stay outside longer in hot weather because you can put your head under the spigot and have a mini shower- cooling off your head where the circulation is great and the skin thin. My concentric pipe design is a modern marvel designed to prove a conversation or bragging point. You can even buy special sink paint these days to suit your palette. The water drains into a bucket which can be used to water plants. If you wanted to you can also put holes in the bottom of the bucket line it with scrap cardboard as a filter and let it drain where it sits. Detriments: People will be jealous of this.

1. Find a plastic composite type sink on the curb discarded from a remodeling job or buy a used one cheaply from a resale store like Habitat for Humanity Resale Shop.
2. Cut out on the top of the perimeter of the basin, leaving only a “bowl”. A Sawzall or Sabre saw should do this with the correct blade.
3. Obtain threaded piping and proper fittings. Home Depot will cut and thread pipe you buy for free. Make out your pieces needed list.
4. You will also need pipe dope of the putty kind

If you like pipe works you can buy a pipe cutter, pipe holding vise and an electric pipe threader with complementary dies. It is labor intensive to cut and thread using the non-powered threaders.

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