Sunday, January 3, 2010

Washing Machine Flower Pot

This flower pot is basically just the inside bin of a discarded washing machine painted with that two color fleck spray paint. I found it in the discount isle of Wal-Mart and bought two cans of it. I did line the pot with a heavier clear plastic painter’s tarp or two before filling it with dirt so that it would not become a beehive instead. I grew Tobacco in it that I never smoked. I don’t smoke. I don’t even like the smell of cigarette smoke. And I applaud the 2010 public smoking ban in Wisconsin. But every once in awhile the smell of a Cigar I do like, it is of higher quality. Once a year, and then I get a sinus infection and swear it off completely. I don’t know why I grew the Tobacco. But it grew well and tall and it was a pretty green plant. And I broke off a little one inch square piece of it and put it in a coffee can and lit it. It smelled very good and I did indeed get a sinus infection. And I will indeed grow Tobacco in this pot again. That’s all there is to it. I suppose I could grow something else in it, some type of vegetable or mint or something.

My point being is the pot was made to stand up to water, and will not crack. When I tore apart the washing machine it had that ceramic/enameled industrial coating on it. Why put it in a landfill, it will last forever. Where I put the dirt in it is where it is staying too because it is heavy and stubborn to grass friction.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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