Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rolling and height adjustable stool from Frying Pan and Chair Base 05 20 2010

Rolling and height adjustable stool from Frying Pan and Chair Base 05 20 2010

I made this rolling and height adjustable stool from a frying pan (Teflon can’t stand) and a discarded chair wheel base. This stool is very nice for working on cars, doing work around the house, and in the yard, painting etc.. You would pay a considerable sum for something like this from the store, but both the parts are often discarded on the curb.

The wheelbase on this chair had a horizontal mounting plate with holes already in it for mounting the seat of the chair. The hardest part is centering the base to the pan. This is done by marking the center and then scratching a cross on the bottom of the pan with an awl. The cross allows you to align the base visually the pan. ¼” holes are drilled through the pan. To get the holes in correct alignment, after you drill the first hole put a bolt through it and attach a nut, use the base plate of a hole diagonal to it to drill the second, the hole in the plat being the guide. Bolt and nut that one also. Then use the base plate as a guide to drill the other two remaining holes. Make sure all bolts fit and then remove them.

Now take a countersink bit the diameter of a tapered head square ¼” diameter machine screw from McFeely’s and taper the holes on what will be the top of the seat, so that the machine screws sit flush.

Insert bolts and attach nylon lock nuts.

When I finished mine I gave the wheel base a nice coat of Rustoleum John Deer Red Paint.

You may need to use washers or your own American Ingenuity to create your own stool like this, as the parts you find may not be combinable like these. Sometimes plumbing post fittings are usable in situations like this, they look like a doughnut ring, are internally threaded and have four holes in them to mount to a flat surface, and they run about $4. The only cost to you is the hardware, nuts and bolts and paint. And if you are a handyman you should have some around already.

This makes a very nice stool and saves space in the landfill. The items are readily cleanable and do not harbor debris. This stool does move up and down and lock in place via the lever; it actually makes a ringing of a bell noise when the lever is used. I could bend the lever but I like the bell noise.

Also these types of wheels usually have a release lever or some mechanism that when activated properly allows for disassembly cleaning of dental floss and oiling with WD-40 or Super Lube Grease or whatever, it makes a difference.

God bless those who think.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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