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For 20 years I got a back ache from driving long distances in a car. One day when shopping in a hardware store, I saw 4 ft. long flotation aids for pools and beaches-actually a child’s toy. They were free after a $2.OO rebate. I thought they would make a good pipe insulator or barbell shoulder pad for squatting. At the very least I saw plenty of potential for material utilization. I purchased 4 of them free after rebate. One of them I cut into a 15 inch segments and used it to hold leader hooks. After some deliberation I cut one of them into 3 segments the width of my car seat. Having 3 equal segments, I went to my roll of green cotton ½ inch wide military surplus strap.  I thread the tubes on the strap one after another like threading beads on a string, with excess strap hanging out the end. I folded them at the joint so they were parallel to one another with the cross section being a parallel pattern to one another. I fastened the military cord tightly so the center of the triad foam tubes formed an equilateral triangle. I tied it together with knots on the end and cut the military surplus strap free from its spool. I now have a lumbar support that works far better than any I have seen.  After a trial period I made a second for our other car.

God Bless Those Who Think
Thomas Paul Murphy
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