Monday, April 19, 2010

Variable Height Constant Level Adjustable Level Speed Bag

Variable Height Constant Level Speed Bag Platform

This speed bag platform was cut by tangent fixed center lathe method from plywood.

The hinged and counterweighted mechanism I designed allows it to be lowered and raised via a hand cranked winch without changing it horizontally level plane.

The hinging structure is made from recycled angle iron from bed frames. I found some hardwood on Craigs list that was part of a dresser and snapped this up too.

Bed frame angle iron is the dog bone for the mechanically minded and enterprising man. An inventor must have his dog bone bed frame angle iron or he isn’t happy at all.

No matter what bad things might be said of boxing as a sport, the speed bag is by the best way to achieve hand eye coordination. Hand eye coordination is the key to success in a majority of sports.

When making new things strive to make them strong and durable. Focus on strength of design and materials. Balance also played a more central role in this design.

God Bless,

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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